During this time of change with covid-19, I continue to provide psychotherapy services during regular office hours using an encrypted, HIPAA compliant, online video program. It’s easy to use – no app. I’m not providing on-site sessions until further notice. I can be contacted through e-mail on this site or at 612-928-9021 (landline) to answer your questions about the process.

Take care, everyone.

Together we work with intention to make possible the softening of stress, fear, or worry. We watch for the budding return of relief, clarity, ease, and hope. We stay open to new awareness and meaning.

Potential shifts make possible the lessening of all kinds of physical symptoms, as well as allowing for fear to settle; for intimacy, creativity, and inspiration to flourish; for thinking to clear and decisions to be made, action taken, and an aliveness to be felt heart deep.

Your needs and preferences shape the ways in which we together work. Welcome.

In a quiet space, safekeeping a calm retreat in your day, together we attend to concerns and uncertainties, “what ifs”, and possibilities for change.

  • Transitions and Challenges
  • Finding Your Way
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Traumatic Experiences
  • Intimacy & Vulnerability
  • Acceptance
  • Relationship & Family Dynamics
  • Matters of Body & Health
  • Difficult Decisions
  • Loss & Grief
  • Shame





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