Seeking relief, support, and possibilities for change, people arrive with questions, concerns, uncertainty, and often bring hopes and dreams too. They may feel stirred by events in the world, within their families, or unsettled by something within their very self – the boundaries not always clear. They may carry stress in their bodies – some sparked in the present, some from the past – all deserving attention and care. They seek a new perspective to make sense of what was or what may yet to be. Often, too, they bring longing for a life less cluttered, for a life more meaningful and present.



A life changing loss
Early Adulthood & Finding Your Way
Mid-Life Concerns, The Third Act
A Particular Relationship, Concern for a Loved One
A Traumatic Event, A History of Trauma, Abuse
Feeling a Lack of Control
Managing Work and Home
Family of Origin, Changes in Family
A Diagnosis, Changes in Body
Depression, Anxiety
Identity, Intimacy, Shame, Grief, Trust, Vulnerability
Motivation, Legacy, Creativity
Spirituality, Recovery



Relief, Acceptance, Clarity of Thought
New Understanding, A New Story
Peace of Mind and Body
Diminished Symptoms, Recovery of Self, Return of Humor
Comfort in Your Skin, To Move about Freely
Ability to Take Action
A Felt-Sense of Embodiment, A Larger Emotional Life
Deepened Intimacy
Meaning, Purpose, Ease, Joy
A Return of Well-being, A Way to Move Forward
Vitality and Aliveness